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      YLBA058 battery type automatic cleaning machine

        YLBA058 automatic scrubber can greatly reduce working time and improve hygienic quality.
      1.Reliable and durable, low cost.
      2.Can greatly increase cleaning efficiency, and reduce cost.
      3.Can obviously improve hygiene level.
      4.Easy to operation, special trainings are not required.

      Key switch: suitable for special operation

      Battery gauge : with timing function, convenient computation of man-hour

      Long service life of motor.


      Convenient maintenance of water tank, no tools are required

      Favorable view of operation

      Brush system adopts automatic loading and unloading design, no tools are required

      AMETEK motor
      Technical parameters:
      Model: YLBA058                               Wash in width: 500mm
      Voltage/drive: 24VDC/manual               Width: 815mm
      Disc/suction sewage motor: 560W/450W        Work efficiency: 1950??h
      Volume of clear water/sewage tank: 50L/50L                Net weight: 70kg
      Dimension: L1216× W502× H975mm
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