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      Changzhou Yongle Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.
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      YLBA088 Rider Sweeper

      Domestic Rider Sweeper is a modern, compact design, flexible manipulation machine.Equipped with a separate bilateral motor control brush and main brush and vacuum filtration system with automatic shaker way.Powerful traction motor.Three-wheeled chassis design, small turning radius, even within the narrow range also manipulated with ease.Suitable for outdoor road hospitals, schools, shopping malls, Parking lot, living area, parks and various public venues.
      Technical parameters:
      Voltage: 24V (DC)
      Max Power: 1430W
      Maximum current: 59.58A
      Walking speed: 0-6.5kg
      Size: 1450X900Z1150mm
      Sweeping width: 1m
      Efficiency: 3980-5800m 2 / h
      Weight: 240kg
      Battery pack: 4X6 240A
      Brush motor: 600W 3000rpm/min
      Side brush motor 1: 950W 100rpm/min
      Side brush motor 2: 950W 100rpm/min
      Walking Motor: 460W
      Suction Motor: 180W 3610rpm/min
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